Yes, it’s true, for over a decade, more than 90,000
individuals have saved over $337.5 million by trusting
Prescription Hope to obtain their medications for the
set price of $50 a month for each medication!

Why Would You Want To Use Prescription Hope To Cover Your Medications?

  • Medication Coverage

This satisfies clients who have medication that is not affordable even with their insurance by supplementing their policies to have a straight forward medication coverage program

  • U.S. Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Prescription Hope works with over 180 U.S. Based Pharmaceutical Manufacturers which allows us to offer over 1,500 FDA Approved Brand-Name medications, meaning that you can be confident a trusted source covers your  medication(s).

  • No Enrollment Period

You can enroll with Prescription Hope any day of the year so that they have options outside of open enrollment periods.

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