Don’t wait to start shopping.  I have the prices for United Healthcare and Aetna already!!!  They are now coming in 50% lower if you go direct with the insurance company rather than the ACA.  Call me for your price!!!!

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I want to get you the BEST plan, at the least expensive price that will work.  I need to get a few questions answered:

1)  Does anyone I am quoting take any prescriptions on a regular basis?  If no, SKIP to #4

2)  if so, are they generic or name brand?

3)  What are you taking the prescriptions for…I’m needing the condition.  (i.e. – high blood pressure, cholesterol, migraines.)  Please list your condition(s).

4)  Best phone number to reach you.?

5)  Who is your current insurance with?

6)  Your zip code where you live is _____________

7)  Does anyone I am quoting have any pre-existing conditions?  If so, Please list them.  _____________________________

8)  Please confirm the birthdates and genders of all family member I’ll be quoting?

9)  What is your email to send the prices to.