Failure to brush your teeth, floss, or visit the dentist regularly can affect more than the look of your smile. People who struggle to get into the habit or lack dental insurance that allows them to get cleanings and take care of problems as they arise are particular at risk.

A lot of bacteria builds up in your mouth, attacks your teeth and gums, and can cause additional problems if not taken care of appropriately. Some of these issues remain in your mouth while others spread throughout your body.


Dental Tooth and Gum Diseases

The majority of people know that if you do not take care of your teeth and gums, you are more likely to get cavities or holes in your teeth and gum disease. These oral health symptoms can range from discoloration to serious pain and infection. If you get professional dental care for these symptoms, lack of regular hygiene can necessitate a root canal, filling, or extraction. If you do not change your teeth care habits, you risk getting a tooth infection after the root canal, too.

Gum disease remains a large problem, too. The National Institute of Health finds that nearly 9% of all adults have periodontal disease.  Many of them may not even realize it. Gum and tooth infection symptoms include pain, swelling, redness of the gums, sensitivity to heat and cold, possible fever, and a foul taste in your mouth.

As mentioned above, this type of infection can have extra consequences. Symptoms of tooth infection spreading to the body include quite a host of rather serious conditions.


How Oral Health Affects the Whole Body

Any time tooth infection symptoms appear in your mouth, it is a sign that bacteria are already moving through your system. Unfortunately, due to high dental costs without insurance, too many people skip out on the care they need as soon as possible. The longer the infection exists, the greater its potential to affect overall health.

Infectious bacteria in your mouth contribute to serious health problems.

Cardiovascular Disease – Hardening of the arteries or a buildup of plaque may happen more quickly due to periodontal infections and disease. This obviously carries a high degree of risk for strokes and heart attacks.

Diabetes-related Issues – Since people with diabetes have a more difficult time healing, introduction of bacteria makes the possibility of infection much stronger. Gum disease and unstable blood sugar are obviously linked in studies.

Endocarditis – This medical term means an infection of the heart. It can become quite serious if not treated effectively and quickly.

Respiratory Infection – As the air, we breathe passes through or behind the mouth, any bacteria inside can flow easily into the lungs and cause problems. This can include everything from a chronic breathing complaint to serious pneumonia.

Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia – Poor dental condition may be both a cause and result of age-related dementia and other cognitive disorders. The bacteria found on the teeth and gums affects brain function.

Noticing these symptoms of tooth infection spreading to the body may not be obvious at first. By the time you notice oral health symptoms, the bacteria can already affect everything else.

Receiving professional dental care on a regular basis matters for the overall health and well-being of your entire body and mind. Between visits, maintain a strict habit of brushing your teeth, bossing or using a WaterPik tool, and help protect your own dental and full-body health and get full coverage with the help of a dental insurance.  Call Elaine Saccente for your BEST Price and plan that suits your needs:  704-891-2274